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IV Therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, is the administration of delivering nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and use by the body.

IV Therapy is the fastest way to deliver nutrients throughout the body, because it bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the organs, resulting in a 90-100% absorption rate (as opposed to only 20-50% possible orally).

Although the media portrays IV Therapy as the latest health craze popular among stressed urban professionals, athletes and Hollywood celebrities, the practice has existed for centuries.

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When you have a Vitamin Infusion at Your Optimal Health Centre, you’ll speak with our qualified doctors and nurses first. They will ask you a range of questions about how you’re feeling, ask about your medical history and use any blood test results to ensure the infusion you receive is customised just for you.


What Are IV Therapies Used For?

IV therapy is used for many purposes including:

  • Improve antioxidant status
  • Immunity support
  • Inflammation
  • Digestion issues
  • Exhaustion

Who Would Benefit from IV Therapy?

Originally, intravenous nutrients were used mainly in hospitals for patients who were dehydrated, nutrient-deficient or unable to take medications orally.

Modern living can lower the immune system and general wellbeing, IV therapy can provide that much needed boost, making it a realistic and practical option.

IV Vitamins may support your body and enhance its immune response, to fight off common colds more effectively and support the return to health.

With our functional medical approach to healthcare, your sessions include the highest quality care and ongoing support.

You will receive:

  • Infusions manufactured to the highest standards of sterility, stability, and purity.
  • Infusion through medical pumps to effectively administer dosage.
  • Medically safe clinical setting.
  • Access to our team of integrative practitioners.
  • Primary care support with your Nurse, including follow up care to assess efficacy of treatment.

How is the IV therapy administered?

Our expert staff are well trained in administering IV infusion treatments, whether they be for general wellness or as active treatments for ongoing conditions. We make sure that your IV therapy is tailored for your specific needs and address your concerns.

How to prepare for your IV therapy

  • Drink plenty of fluids: at least 1-2 litres, 1-2 hours before your session
  • Have something small to eat prior your session
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your session, so that we can commence on time
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate guests in our IV room so we will ask support people to wait in the waiting room
  • Your IV session will take between 30-60 minutes so please schedule plenty of time.

IV Vitamins available at Your Optimal Health Centre (GP prescription required)

  • Intravenous Vitamin C
  • Intravenous Magnesium
  • Intravenous Zinc
  • Intravenous B Vitamins
  • Intravenous Antioxidant
  • Intravenous Iron
  • Intramuscular B12
  • Intramuscular Vitamin Sunshine