About us

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Please Note:   Your Optimal Health Centre in Geelong is the only clinic to make patient bookings with Dr Tabrizian now.

Your Optimal Health Centre brings together Integrative General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Allied Health Practitioners and other health professionals who can assist your healthcare journey.

Our practitioners and clinical services offer treatment for a wide range of illnesses, and also assistance to manage and prevent chronic diseases.

Integrative health professionals

Our clinic combines the diagnostic power of modern medicine, functional medicine, and western medicine, based on science with a broad scope for diagnosis and therapy.

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Services we offer

General Practice

Our integrative health professionals combine different modalities to create more opportunity for healing. The fusion of specialised knowledge allows our team to work together and optimise your health.


Naturopathy assesses your nutrition, diet and lifestyle to assist the body to heal using natural therapies. Naturopathy is based on the body’s own ability to heal and treating the whole person not just the symptom.