Anxiety is inflammation – Dr Igor Tabrizian

Dr Igor Tabrizian is an experienced physician and GP with a dedication to the practice of functional medicine. Education is a central element of Dr Igor’s medical practice, both on an academic level and when one-on-one with his patients. Dr Tabrizian empowers his patients through education, allowing them to fully understand the causation of their illness and the processes to be undertaken on their healing journey. He uses visual aids to assist in the explanation and goes into as much detail as each patient requires.

Taking a functional medicine approach for each issue, Dr Tabrizian may look at Inflammation, Genetics, Cytokines (inflammatory messages), gut microbiome, Neurotransmitters, mineral and toxic metal levels, inflammatory markers, family history and life story. He then prioritises which issues to remedy first and works through the solution(s).

Taking a humanist approach to healthcare, Dr Tabrizian aims to support and empower his patients.